Knowing that so many crimes in IT’s world lately, we need to protect our company from being hacked by cyber criminals.  That is why i3 is chosen to be EC-Council Training Partner at Jakarta, Indonesia, to help people in giving knowledge to defense company’s security.

“To beat a hacker, you need to think like one!” is the motto of EC-Council’s flagship certification – Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) – and the epitome of its stance on IT security and certification. EC-Council certification training first teaches you how to ‘be’ a cyber criminal, because understanding the motivations, tricks and techniques of attackers is the first step in making you the ultimate weapon against attack. EC-Council certification measure your skill in the latest information security tool, technology, prevention methods and countermeasures.

EC-Council credentials are used by a variety of government organizations – including the National Security Agency and the Department of Defense – to clear government personnel and contractors for privileged access to sensitive data, and recognized worldwide as a trusted indicator of advanced skills and qualifications in the IT security field.

ECCouncil Cyber Security Handbook

The new era of technology has given birth to a new kind of criminal: cyber criminals. Cyber crime is often hard to detect and has the potential to bring down entire financial and information systems of a country if allowed to operate unchecked.

In order to have a strong, effective, and vulnerability-free security system, cyber professionals need to not only conduct regular intrusion and vulnerability assessments but also ensure that applications and systems are constantly improved in accordance to the findings of those assessments. EC-Council, the world’s largest certification body for information security skills, understands the need for more skilled professionals. EC-Council has created hands-on, intensive, skills-based cyber security courses to enable organizations to train their existing workforce as well as address the dearth of skilled information security professionals via our outreach programs.

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