Course Duration : 4 Days



Red Hat Monitoring and Performance Tuning (RH442)

This course discusses system architecture with emphasis on:

  • Understanding the implications on system performance
  • Methods for testing the effects of performance adjustments
  • Open source benchmarking utilities
  • Methods for analyzing system and networking performance
  • Tuning configurations for specific application loads

Students in this course will acquire knowledge in the following areas:

  • Tuning for use-case scenarios (for example, HPC, large memory, database, and file server)
  • Applying tuning profiles with tuned
  • Tuning virtual machines (primarily guest, but host is discussed)
  • Tuning memory and caches
  • Tuning CPU and memory utilization using cgroups (integrated in systemd)
  • Gathering performance metrics and other data for tuning purposes
  • Senior Linux system administrators responsible for maximizing resource utilization through performance tuning
  1. Introduction Performance Tuning
  2. Collecting, Graphing, and interpreting data
  3. General Data
  4. Limiting resource usage
  5. Hardware profiling
  6. Software profiling
  7. Small file tuning
  8. Large memory workload tuning
  9. Tuning for a CPU-intensive workload
  10. File Server Tuning
  11. Power Usage Tuning
  12. Virtualisation Tuning
  1. Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Performance Tuning Exam (EX442)
  2. Red Hat Certified Architect (RHCA)