Course Duration : 5 Days

IT-as-a-Service Planning and Design

Become an IT professional who demonstrates cross-domain expertise and focus on designing cloud-based IT service solutions that drive business transformations for the enterprise and service provider organizations.


IT-as-a-Service Planning and Design

This expert-level course provides the knowledge and skills necessary to design cloud-based IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) solutions. Building on the skills acquired in the Virtual Data Center and Cloud Infrastructure Planning and Design specialist-level course, it focuses on business, organizational, governance, technology, and service management aspects from a design-centric perspective. By utilizing lecture, discussions, case studies, design examples, and a series of interactive problem- solving labs, students will learn to design solutions which transform business operations and virtualized data centers into ITaaS environments. The course is applicable to enterprise, service provider, and existing virtualized data center operations considering ITaaS. This course uses an ‘open’ approach focusing on core concepts, principles, and technologies rather than specific products. To provide context, the course includes EMC specific examples and case studies.

• Describe the IT-as-a-Service business transformational model

• Perform an IT-as-a-Service assessment and propose a service delivery roadmap

• Recommend and design an IT-as-a-Service service delivery model

• Design and defend an IT-as-a-Service solution

Benefits those responsible to assess, architect, and design ITaaS cloud solutions.

Module 1: Transforming to IT as a Service

• Introduction to IT-as-a-Service Model • Business Transformation
• Organizational Transformation
• Architectural Transformation

Module 2: Strategy – Discover & Assessment

• Overview of Discovery and Assessment • Defining an Assessment Strategy
• Gathering Assessment Data
• Performing Assessment Analysis

Module 3: Organization and Governance

• Develop an Organization Plan for Transformation to ITaaS • Develop a Governance Plan for Transformation to ITaaS

Module 4: Planning and Design: Technology

• Introduction to ITaaS Planning and Design • Design for Broad Network Access
• Design for Resource Pooling
• Design for Rapid Elasticity

• Design for User Portals, including Service Catalog and Orchestration • Design for Measured Services

Module 5: Planning and Design: Trust and Security

• Cloud Security Threats and Vulnerabilities
• Building Trust in a Private, Public, and Hybrid Cloud • Operational Security• Various design examples
• Authentication Models
• Cloud Operational Technologies

Module 6: Planning and Design: Service Creation and Management

• Service Creation and Management Introduction • Service Deployment
• Service Creation
• Service Operation and Management

• Service Termination

Module 7: ITaaS Transformation Trends and Futures

• Transformation in Application Development
• Cloud Standardization, API’s, and Inter-cloud Communication • Design for Failure
• Information Transformation
• Mobile Enablement