Course Duration : 5 Days

Cloud Infrastructure and Services (CIS)

Gain the skills needed to make informed decisions on building and managing cloud infrastructure. The course is ideal for gaining a broad understanding of the cloud computing reference model and the fundamental principles of building a cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Infrastructure and Services v2*

This course educates participants on building cloud infrastructure based on a cloud computing reference model. The reference model includes five fundamental layers (physical, virtual, control, orchestration, and service) and three cross-layer functions (business continuity, security, and service management) for building a cloud infrastructure. For each layer and cross-layer function, this course covers the comprising technologies, components, processes, and mechanisms. This course takes an open-approach to describe the concepts and technologies, which are further illustrated and reinforced with EMC-related product examples. The course follows the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology as a guide for all definitions of cloud computing. Upon completing this course, participants will have the knowledge to make informed decisions on technologies, processes, and mechanisms required to build a cloud infrastructure.

Benefits IT professionals responsible for architecting and managing the cloud.

Module 1: Introduction to Cloud Computing

• Essentialcharacteristicsofcloudcomputing
• Cloudservicemodelsandcloudservicebrokerage

Module 2: Building the Cloud Infrastructure

• Cloudcomputingreferencemodel
• Deploymentoptionsandsolutionsforbuildingcloudinfrastructure • Considerationsforbuildingcloudinfrastructure

Module 3: Physical Layer

• Computesystem
• Storagesystemarchitecture • Networkconnectivity

Module 4: Virtual Layer

• Virtuallayerfunctions
• Virtualizationsoftware
• Resourcepoolandvirtualresources

Module 5: Control Layer

• Controllayerfunctions
• Controlsoftware
• Software-definedapproachformanagingITinfrastructure • Resourceoptimizationtechniques

Module 6: Service and Orchestration Layers

• Servicelayerfunctions
• Cloudportal
• Cloudinterfacestandards
• Protocolsforaccessingcloudservices • Serviceorchestration
• Cloudservicelifecycle

Module 7: Business Continuity

• Businesscontinuityandserviceavailability • Faulttolerancemechanisms
• Backupandreplication
• Cloudapplicationresiliency

Module 8: Security

• Cloudsecuritythreats
• Cloudsecuritymechanisms
• Governance,risk,andcompliance

Module 9: Service Management

• Serviceportfoliomanagementprocesses • Serviceoperationmanagementprocesses