About Us

About i3

Inovasi Informatika Indonesia (i3) is a private company, owned 100% by Indonesian. i3 is a subsidiary of CTI Group since 2017. We want to help Indonesian IT professionals upscale their expertise, and achieve their fullest potential. We deliver training of leading technologies. We believe that the best way to teach is from learning and willing to improve, especially when the trainer learn from the student as well. Across the time, there are request from our customers to deliver services, the reason was not only because we capable, but also we got their trust to upscale their IT. Our services cover four major areas of expertise, such as : Open Source Solution, Virtualization & Cloud Solution, Network & Security Solution, Database & Big Data Solution. All services are handled by our certified and experienced consultants. In order to strive for excellence, we are eager to challenge ourselves to improve continuously in teaching methods, new technologies, new trends, new best-practices, and new partners.


Indonesian IT Service and Professionals achieve their fullest potential and participate to develop the country.


To find, prepare, and empower each talent to be successful by helping them develop their IT knowledge and skills, and support to deliver the best practices on their working environment.

Ronny Christian

Ronny Christian

President Director

Ronny has been passionate about information technology (IT) and human science for more than 20 years. Both are like opposite each other, but within i3, technology and human are matched each other, for IT is for human, and human aspect is more and more both depends on and influences IT like nothing before.