i3 is well-known for providing whole package of IT solutions and services to support the variety needs of clients.

Experience the best IT solution with excellent services.
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IT Solution Expert

i3 is an expert in Open Source, Data Management, Cloud, and Security.

Strong Company Background

Part of CTI Group—leading IT Solution provider in the region.

High Customer Growth

We gain 88% customer growth in the past three years. Our customers are leading company in various industry, such as Government, FSI, Oil & Gas, and many more.

Certified Consultant & Engineer

We have 100+ certified engineers and consultants for various IT solutions

We Deliver Solutions of Leading Technologies

PT. Inovasi Informatika (i3) was founded in 2015 and is well-known for providing bussiness with IT solutions and services, expert in Open Source, Security, Big Data and Cloud.
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We Provides a Comprehensive IT Services

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